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Our Story

The Nectar Group is a cognitive training and tutoring company based in Denver, Colorado. Our team of professionals dedicates itself to helping others reach their full potential at school, work, and home. We provide testing, cognitive training, tutoring, study skills instruction, and consultations to create comprehensive plans that help you or your child overcome challenges with thinking and learning abilities.

Why We Do It

The Nectar Group began its mission to help everyone improve their ability to learn because we could no longer accept common beliefs about the brain.
Too often people say
  • That the best way to help kids with attention issues is medication
  • That children with learning challenges need accommodations to succeed in the classroom
  • That weaknesses can only be compensated for, never overcome
  • That our intellect must decline with age
  • That memory loss is “normal” with each birthday over 40
  • And that our IQs are fixed and cannot be improved


The Nectar Group is built on rejecting those beliefs. We know the brain can change. We know your potential is limited only by your investment. At Nectar, your goals are our priorities. And, in the past, we’ve helped clients strive to achieve the following:
  • Overcome learning disabilities and challenges
  • Treat ADD/ADHD without medication
  • Raise IQ and make learning easier and more enjoyable
  • Increase confidence and raise self-esteem
  • Process information faster
  • Improve performance in the classroom
  • Prepare for the demands of college and a career
  • Gain a competitive edge in the workplace
  • Improve memory
  • Stay mentally sharp throughout life
  • Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and age-related memory decline
  • Regain lost abilities from injury, medication, and age


How We Do It

Through our highly customized one-to-one programs, we help you tap into and maximize your potential by improving the four pillars of brain health. From mental exercise to nutrition, to physical exercise and stress reduction, we provide real solutions so you and your family experience success with cognitive challenges at any stage in life.
We know making this kind of decision can be difficult. Finding the right solution for you or your loved one is always a challenge, so we make a Promise to every one of our clients so you know we’re acting in your best interest. We’re also happy to answer all your questions when you Contact Us.  Or you can read about How It Works. And really, we’re thrilled that you are here and exploring what our programs can offer. We can’t wait to help you unlock a better, brainier you!