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How It Works

Take an Assessmenticon_pad

The first step to getting started on your journey to a better brain is to schedule a cognitive skills test. We use the Woodcock-Johnson IV Test of Cognitive Abilities and Achievement, the gold standard for cognitive skills testing. The testing requires from 1.5 hours for adults to 2.5-3.5 hours for children. We give both the Cognitive and Achievement portions of the testing battery. The Cognitive portion gives us important information about IQ and the brain’s ability to learn and process information. The Achievement section allows us to measure how a student is performing in reading, spelling, and math. The assessment is challenging but interactive. You or your child will be working one-on-one with our assessor the entire time. We take breaks as needed, and you can even enjoy a healthy snack and some water during the testing if desired. We use the assessment process to gather valuable information to help us have a complete picture of your needs, concerns, and goals. The assessment will allow us to pinpoint your root issues and strengths so that we can formulate an action plan to help you reach your goals. And the best part is: no studying is necessary. All you need is a great night’s sleep and a healthy meal prior to your appointment.


The assessment will provide you with not only an IQ score but also insights for each of the following areas:


Cognitive Skills:

• Short Term Memory
• Long Term Memory
• Processing Speed
• Visual Processing
• Auditory Processing
• Logic and Reasoning

Academic Skills:

• Reading Fluency
• Reading Comprehension
• Spelling
• Math Fluency
• Math Word Problems
• Quantitative Reasoning


We will customize your testing battery to fit your needs. The first step is to Contact Us, and our staff can guide you thru this process.


Get Answers. Get a Plan.icon_clock

Once the assessment process is complete we schedule you for a comprehensive consultation with our Executive Director. For families seeking help with their child, we ask that children are not present and both parents attend this meeting. For adult clients, feel free to bring along anyone that you would like to be a part of this process with you. This consultation is time that is dedicated to you and your family. There’s no rush. This appointment typically takes 1.5-2 hours, but we want you to walk away with as much information as you desire. Your consultation will help us ask any additional questions we may have, as well as answer all of yours. All test scores will be reviewed in detail and in a way that is easy to understand. This is the part where you get the answers you’ve been looking for! You get answers to all your questions about why a problem does or not exist. Any symptoms will be addressed and the root cause will be determined and explained. From here, we develop an Action Plan. We will make sure you have a plan that will comprehensively meet all the needs and goals we have discussed. This plan frequently will include suggestions and steps to maximize brain health based on what we call The Four Pillars of Brain Health—physical exercise, mental exercise, stress reduction, and nutrition. Secondly, we will lay out a strategy for overcoming any cognitive skill areas that need to be improved upon. And, if any content areas need to be targeted, such as math, reading, spelling, etc., we will address these skills to bring your student up to grade level or beyond. It’s that simple. Schedule cognitive skills testing, get answers, and, with you, we’ll make a plan!


Change Your Brainicon_brain

Now’s the fun part! We get to implement our Action Plan with a brain-changing program. Just like how no two people are the same, neither are our programs. We customize our programs for every client. We match each client with the perfect Certified Cognitive Coach from Our Amazing Team to guide you or your child through your program and be there every step of the way as you train your brain. Our proprietary curriculum is tailored and tweaked to help you or your child reach the goals we defined in the Action Plan. To learn more about how we can work with you or your loved one, visit the best page for your needs: Children, Young Adults, Adults, or Seniors. Our programs are intense but fun, one-on-one, and, most importantly, they get the results you’re seeking.


Reach Your Potentialicon_potential

This is where it all comes together! With all of your hard work, it is time to reap your rewards.
We make sure that our programs get results. And all along the way, our support staff is checking to make sure your program is seeing the results you are looking for. We truly value the trust you place in us while we help you or your family, and we’re always eager to see the results too. For our clients, the statistics are empowering. The average increase in IQ scores is 17 points after completing a program. And concretely, clients report numerous changes in their day-to-day lives:
• Reduced or zero medication
• Improved memory
• Faster task completion
• Decreased homework time
• Improved grades
• Competitive edge in the job market
• Increased confidence


But don’t just take it from us; check out some of our Testimonials.
We’re always eager to celebrate our clients’ successes, so let’s get started. Call Us to schedule an assessment today!