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We are thrilled to work with seniors to help you stay sharp and enjoy life lived to the fullest throughout all your days. Just because you’ve had more birthdays to count doesn’t mean you should accept mental decline. Many seniors work with us to help the following:

bigstock-seniors-couple-foliage background-9252779Reclaim Lost Abilities and Prevent Future LossIt is not uncommon that as we age, we start to notice little blips such a struggling to remember names or places. Ever walk into a room and forget why you are there? Maybe you notice you’re not as quick at completing tasks as you once were or you even sometimes feel confused or overwhelmed. Many seniors share that it just feels like the world is going a bit faster than they are. The great news is that we can help! It is possible to not only slow down the progression of mental decline but also even reclaim some lost abilities.

Improve Memory through brain training and protect yourself with our Alzheimer’s Prevention Program. Engaging in braining training can improve your quality of life and allow you to continue to grow and learn. We’ll help you stay sharp, improve your brain health, and even gain new skills. We just don’t believe that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” and the science proves it!

Challenge and growth should occur throughout life. We offer both group and one-on-one programs for seniors. We will even travel to your retirement community or assisted living facility to provide healthy brain workshops and brain training sessions. Group sessions are fun, social, and the challenge will stretch and grow you!

We take a bottom up approach to helping you reach your potential. Just like a pyramid! You can view our Potential Pyramid below. First, we test to identify any cognitive weaknesses. We see how you measure up in the following areas:

• Short Term Memory
• Long Term Memory
• Processing Speed
• Problem Solving
• Visual Processing
• Auditory Processing

We also take a look at the four pillars of brain health, which are:

Mental Exercise | Physical Exercise | Nutrition  |  Stress Reduction

Secondly, based on your goals and your assessment results, we will create an actionable and comprehensive plan to improve any weaknesses and build a cognitive reserve! A cognitive reserve is like your mental gas tank. We want to make sure you have a full tank to last you throughout the rest of your life. We will train your brain through mental exercise to fill this tank and help you make sure you have a good plan for utilizing physical exercise, nutrition and stress reduction to maximize brain health. We offer healthy brain workshops for groups of seniors as well as one-on-one intensive programs. Finally, once we help you meet your goals it is time to maintain! We want you to keep your gains and will help you develop steps to do just that. It’s pretty simple-test, train, maintain! Give us a call to get started today!