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Sweet Success!

We take pride in the results achieved by our clients! Here’s what some of our clients are saying about how the The Nectar Group has helped them reach their potential.


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 “I can’t begin to tell you how beneficial the program has been for our son. His confidence has been boosted and his math and reading skills have grown by leaps and bounds. We are so proud of him, and so thankful for all our Coach and Nectar have done for us.”
 – Kristina, Mom of 1st grade boy



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 “The Nectar Group testing and strategy have transformed our daughter! In 8 months she has become more focused, able to take on hard problems and work through them, better at comprehension and memory and from all of these factors more confident she can succeed. We and all of her teachers and coaches appreciate the Nectar approach and we are living proof of the amazing transformational results.” – Betsy and Doug, Parents of 4th grade girl



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“When I first started working with The Nectar Group my goals were to improve my tracking and processing skills. Through their methods and coaching I am happy to say that I have shown improvement in both areas. In addition, I have felt a sense of empowerment by the entire experience. All of which have made me very happy. I look forward to working with Nectar to achieve even more!”
 – Laura, Business Owner, 46 years old


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“I have been working with The Nectar Group for the last six weeks, and am amazed at the progress I’ve made in Memory Retention. My coach has me doing brain exercises that are challenging. I have experienced definite advancement in information processing and the strengthening of neuro-pathways between eye and brain. My coach pushes my brain to its limits each time, and the result is quantifiable progress in many areas.”
– Diane Sweat, Business Owner, 64 years old


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“Our son Eric had never received an “A” in school before receiving instruction in this program. We have seen a marked improvement in his grades as they have improved from “D’s” and “F’s” to “B’s” and “C’s.” You don’t know how it makes us feel to see an “A” on our son’s report card. Eric’s face glowed with joy when he brought home such a good report. Eric is even more focused and confident in himself. We are glad to have been involved with such a program and will highly recommend it to others.” – David and Rachelle Mitchell, Parents of 6th grade boy



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“Our son began the program with a diagnosis of ADD. Because of the program he is reading better, is doing his schoolwork more quickly, and even seems to enjoy school more. He is learning his multiplication tables quicker. Our initial expectations for this program were met or exceeded. The lessons were hard, but they were fun. This program makes sense!”
– Susan and Jake Wilson, Parents of 3rd grade boy