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How We Help

The Nectar Group offers comprehensive solutions for learning challenges and every area of academic need. We work from the ground up, uncovering strengths and weaknesses and helping you understand the root issues at work. We then tackle those underlying problems with intense cognitive brain training. And, for students, once we’ve resolved those issues together, we can close any gaps in academics with subject-specific Tutoring and Study Skills. With our multi-level approach, The Nectar Group is where learning can begin.

Assessments and Consultations


Our first step at The Nectar Group is always to get a clear understanding of the situation. To do that, we use the gold standard for professional cognitive and achievement testing, the Woodcock-Johnson IV Test of Cognitive Abilities, Achievement, and Oral Language. This assessment is flexible, and it allows us to collect accurate results to create the clearest picture of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. The test batteries are appropriate for ages 2 to 90+. And together they provide a comprehensive system for measuring general intellectual ability, specific cognitive abilities, scholastic aptitude, oral language abilities, and achievement. In other words, it allows us to see what someone knows and how he or she thinks. After the test, we synthesize the results with information we receive from you—including a comprehensive questionnaire about behaviors and habits—to identify all weaknesses and strengths. This enables us to pinpoint any root issues so that we can make the best recommendation for you, whether that involves us or not.
From there, we can make a plan. Using this testing data allows us to objectively measure results for our clients. It also lets you make the best decision for you or your loved one. We do not use the tests to provide a medical diagnosis. We test to identify challenges and help you understand any areas of concern. After testing, we consult with you to develop the best plan possible. And we are always happy to consult and coordinate with family members, schools, and medical professionals when desired.


Cognitive Training for All Ages

After the assessment process, we provide one-on-one cognitive brain training to help people of all ages overcome learning challenges, improve memory, and enhance your ability to think & learn,
so you can be faster and more efficient
. We know that the brain’s neuroplasticity—the brain’s natural ability to change and grow—allows it to form new neural connections and transform. Because of that plasticity, individualized brain training can improve the following cognitive skills:
• Attention
• Memory
• Auditory and Visual Processing
• Processing Speed
• And Logic & Reasoning


Through targeted exercises, brain training can strengthen and develop those foundational skills. Our exercises are non-academic, and although they are quite challenging, they are game-like and fun.

It’s important to keep in mind that brain training sessions do not focus on content but rather build and strengthen the connections in the brain to increase IQ. We use proprietary exercises to address each of the core cognitive skills. We are not interested in just increasing performance on a cognitive test, so our procedures are distinct from those used in assessments like the WJ III and IV. Generalization is our goal (and you can learn a little about what’s needed to maximize real-life benefits here).  To meet that goal, and help people of all ages improve confidence and their ability to learn, our sessions are not only intense but are also designed and monitored to ensure that clients experience success regularly.


Tutoring for Students

Once students have improved their cognitive skills and their ability to learn, they can begin to fill in their content gaps. There are countless students who falter in their classes, not because of laziness or apathy, but because their low cognitive skills have made it a challenge to learn.

For example, students with weak memories have likely fallen behind in school. Improving their memory will allow them to retain information, but the gaps in their understanding will still exist. To fill those holes, we provide one-on-one tutoring in core subject areas. We assess our clients to find where gaps exist and then reteach those skills. We work with students in reading, writing, and math to pave the way to success after their cognitive skills are solid. Some students may have strong cognitive skills, but for other reasons, they have fallen behind. In this case, we can begin to immediately help them to reach and surpass their grade-level content.


Study Skills for Students

Once students have stronger cognitive skills and are confident with their core academic subjects, we can then help them modify and change their academic behaviors. Through our Study Skills programs, we work with students and their strengths to develop strategies for the following areas:
• Organization
• Assignment Tracking
• Planning
• Study Methods
• Test Taking
• Critical Thinking
• Note Taking


And more.
With a toolbox full of new study skills, students can approach new material on their own terms. With the skills to be a successful student, they are more motivated in their classes and less anxious about tests. A Study Skills program with The Nectar Group gives students access to tools that can serve them throughout their academic and professional lives.


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