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Our Team

At The Nectar Group our team members are the cornerstone of our services. Every member of our team has undergone a rigorous hiring process and extensive training. In addition to being Certified Cognitive Coaches, our staff possesses a wealth of experience in all areas of the education field, from tutoring and teaching to corporate training. And beyond a practice of continual training and development, many of our staff possess or are pursuing advanced degrees within the fields of education and psychology.  And because you are entrusting us with the well-being of your loved ones, we ensure that references and background checks for our staff are not only complete but impeccable. We’re proud of our team, and we’re excited for you to work with them to achieve the results you deserve!


Andrea Pitman
Founder, Executive Director, Master Level Certified Cognitive Skills Coach and WJIV Assessment Lead Administrator

Andrea Pitman is Executive Director and Owner of The Nectar Group. She is a Master Level Certified Cognitive Coach with over 17 years of experience working with students and families through cognitive skills training, consulting, and teaching. Originally from Leander, Texas, Andrea received her education and teaching certification from Southwestern University in Georgetown. She has consulted with over 80 learning centers across the US to help improve client outcomes. With a rich background in education and neuroscience, she has always striven to pinpoint the root issues of learning challenges and create comprehensive plans of action to help our clients achieve excellent results. She is proud to call Denver her home, and when not sharing the benefits of brain training she enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, the arts, and spending time outdoors.



Merrylue Martin, Ph.D.
Organizational and Staff Development Director, Certified Cognitive Skills Coach

Merrylue Martin received a Ph.D in education and organizational management from Pepperdine University and a master’s degree in education and adult learning from Chapman University. She has over 25 years of combined experience in both public education and corporate employee development, having held positions as an Assistant Principal and, most recently, as the Corporate Vice President of Learning and Organizational Development for Comcast. Beyond her extensive work improving efficiency and communication in the world of corporate training, she also devotes her time to mixed media collage, musical theatre, reading, and, along with her husband, writing and producing puppet shows for young learners.



Nichole Tipton, Certified Teacher,
Master Level Certified Cognitive Skills Coach, Coach Development Consultant and Curriculum Developer

Nichole Tipton has worked in her role as Coach Performance Director with The Nectar Group since its inception. Her passion for training our Cognitive Skills Coaches is matched only by her penchant for monitoring student programs, ensuring optimal results are achieved. She has been a Certified Cognitive Coach for over six years and has played a leading role in developing The Nectar Group’s curriculum. Nichole graduated from San Diego State with a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies and her teaching credential. After teaching in the classroom for several years, she devoted herself to cognitive training. Nichole currently lives in Elizabeth, CO with her husband, her three children, her goats, a dog, a cat, and some chickens. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, playing soccer, and taking pictures.



Hannah Confer
Specialist Level Certified Cognitive Skills Coach

Hannah Confer has a bachelor’s degree in speech, language, and hearing sciences with a minor in linguistics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She gravitates strongly toward reading instruction and performing speech therapy for people of all levels. Hannah also dedicates time to teaching literacy through local libraries’ ESL programs. In addition to reading, writing and playing music, practicing American Sign Language, and enjoying the great outdoors, when not working with her students Hannah loves spending time with her young daughter.


Anna H.

Anna Hough, M.Ed., Certified Teacher,
Specialist Level Certified Cognitive Skills Coach, Specialist Level Academic Coach and WJIV Assessment Coordinator

Anna Hough received her Master of Education in learning, teaching, and curriculum and her Bachelor of Science in education from the University of Missouri. She has served as a language arts and humanities teacher in the Cherry Creek School District and elsewhere, emphasizing differentiated instruction to serve the diverse needs of a modern classroom. When not plying her education skills or attending music events in Denver’s great music scene, Anna enjoys reading, spending time outdoors, and cuddling with her beloved pets Gigi and Loki.



Danielle Regan, M.S.Ed., Certified Teacher
Certified Cognitive Skills Coach and WJIV Assessment Administrator

Danielle Regan holds a Master of Science in education with a dual certification in early childhood and elementary education from Bank Street College and a Bachelor of Science in music education from NYU. She has nearly ten years of experience working with pre-school and kindergarten age learners, developing curriculum and working closely with parents to actively engage them in their child’s early education. Danielle is passionate about all things creative, whether creating art, playing music, dancing or writing.  And in her spare time, Danielle enjoys creating memories with her husband and two sons.



Michelle Breitenbach, Certified Teacher,
Certified Cognitive Skills Coach, Certified Academic Tutor, Assistant Business and Operations Manager

Michelle Breitenbach has a Bachelor of Music in music education from Ithaca College. With teaching certifications in multiple states, Michelle has worked with learners of all ages and abilities to develop a life-long love of music and learning. In everything she does Michelle brings a level of care and integrity to her work to inevitably infect her clients with the invaluable habits of discipline and independence. Michelle loves hiking, spending time with her dog, and playing her clarinet.



Dana Ready, Certified Teacher,
Certified Cognitive Skills Coach and Academic Tutor

Dana Ready has a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University, has completed post-graduate studies at California Polytechnic State University, and is currently pursuing her Psy.D. in school psychology at the University of Colorado Denver. In the past, she has served as a clinician for other learning centers and as a substitute teacher for Denver Public Schools. While rigorous in her studies, with what little free time she has, Dana avidly cooks, reads, and jogs.



Liz Garman, M.Ed., Certified Teacher,
Certified Cognitive Skills Coach, Specialist Level Academic Tutor and Client Life Cycle Supervisor

Liz Garman has a Master in Education from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has taught at various grade levels and dedicated her energy to the development of materials and curriculum for STEM courses with special attention paid to giving students opportunities to use hands-on strategies and experience real-world applications of vital scientific concepts. On her days off, Liz can be found defying gravity on Colorado’s rocky crags and, on her quieter evenings, enjoying nature documentaries in the company of her two cats.


Anna M.

Anna Martinez, Certified Teacher,
Program Director, Certified Cognitive Skills Coach and Academic Tutoring Supervisor

Anna Martinez holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and mass communications from New Mexico State University. After receiving her teaching certification, Anna spent several years helping elementary and middle schoolers meet state standards in language arts, science, and social studies with the injection of STEM-based lessons and projects alongside problem-based learning. With hands-on approaches to curriculum, Anna prepared her students with the tools to tackle the problems they’ll face today and beyond into the future. And, like many, Anna is an avid Denver Broncos fan. You can always find her on game day draped in blue and orange, cheering her team on to a win. She also enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, traveling, being outdoors, and dining out at the multitude of great restaurants in the Denver area.



Emily Brien
Certified Cognitive Skills Coach, Curriculum Developer, Academic Tutor, Graphics Designer and Desktop Publishing Coordinator

Emily Brien received her Bachelor of Arts in international affairs from the University of Colorado, Boulder. While pursuing her degree, Emily acquired a wealth of philanthropic and communications experience abroad, in China and West Africa, experience that when coupled with her infectious charisma and enthusiasm has always served to meet the diverse needs of her students. Emily has worked with young learners across many disciplines, lending her many talents to ESL tutoring, math instruction, and reading intervention across the Denver-Metro area and the world. When not honing her students’ cognitive skills you might be able to find Emily speeding down the street on her bike or volunteering with local organizations for ESL instruction and interfaith dialogue.



Kristin Wooley, Certified Teacher,
Certified Cognitive Skills Coach and Academic Tutor

Kristin Wooley received her Bachelor of Arts in liberal studies with an emphasis in elementary education from Biola University in California. With teaching certificates from both California and Colorado, Kristin brings a wealth of experience supporting elementary age students to her work with The Nectar Group. A leader inside the classroom and out, Kristin has mentored and coached people of all ages. Always encouraging and supportive, she applies her extensive experience to help students understand and maximize their strengths. When she’s not helping her students achieve their potential, Kristin can be found in the company of her two daughters, and, whenever she has the chance, strolling the boulevards of one of the happiest places on Earth, Disneyland.



Ally Manthey, BCaBA
Certified Teacher, Director of Coach Development, Certified Cognitive Skills Coach and Academic Tutor

Ally Manthey has a Bachelor of Science in elementary education from Wisconsin Lutheran College. She has teaching licenses in Wisconsin and Colorado, and she is also a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) in Applied Behavior Analysis. With years of experience in the education field, both in the classroom and one-on-one, Ally is always working to help her students become their very best selves. Whether working with individuals on the autism spectrum, tutoring and mentoring college students, or teaching reading and writing to elementary and middle schoolers, Ally always strives to make powerful and positive connections with her students. If she’s not coaching her students to success, you might find Ally cooking, reading, or exploring the many wonders of Colorado and beyond.



Ryan Colby
Certified Cognitive Skills Coach

Ryan Colby has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and exercise science from Grove City College in Pennsylvania. He’s spent years helping young learners across the country maintain and improve both their mental and physical well-being. Whether serving at-risk youth as a counselor or star athletes as an experienced lacrosse coach, Ryan pushes his students toward positive growth. If he’s not offering performance consulting, athletic counseling, or emotional resiliency training, glimpses of him might be caught among the trees and trails of the Colorado high country.



Sarah Robbins, Certified Teacher,
Certified Cognitive Skills Coach, Academic Tutor and Marketing Assistant

Sarah Robbins received her Bachelor of Science in education from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. She also has a professional educator license in elementary education with an emphasis in language arts from Illinois and Colorado. Sarah has put that license to good use as a first-grade teacher, practicing sound academic and behavioral intervention and helping her students get involved with their learning process. You can find Sarah reading, riding her bike, or, if you’re lucky to be within earshot, singing.



Meghan Merson, M.A.
Certified Teacher, Certified Cognitive Skills Coach, Academic Tutor and WJIV Assessment Administrator

Meghan Merson has a Master of Arts degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Colorado at Denver. She has an elementary education license and started her principal licensure and doctoral course work at the University of Denver’s education program. For years, Meghan served as an elementary school teacher in the Cherry Creek School district. The few times when she’s not encouraging students and pushing them to meet the challenges of the world, she can be found traveling with her family, cooking, or burying her nose in a good book.



Peter Giebel, M.F.A.
Certified Cognitive Skills Coach, Curriculum Developer, Expert Level Academic Tutor and Communications Coordinator

Peter Giebel received his Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Denver and his Master of Fine Arts in literary arts from Brown University. He has spent over 10 years working in and around the education field. Peter has served as a university instructor, private tutor, teaching assistant, and tutorial leader with the national AVID program—working to help historically underserved students develop critical thinking and organizational skills to prepare them for the rigors of college and beyond. And when not working with students, you can find him perusing his library or exploring the wonders of the digital age.